Detached Garage

We recently finished a new Detached Garage for our customers, who loved the final project. This garage was extra high compared to a standard garage so that special equipment for the customers job can be stored safely with extra security and height.

The electric, alarmed garage door was supplied and fitted by Lee Shepherd at Garage Door specialists.


Additional porch added to the front of the house for extra space. This project was compelted over a weekend just in time for Christmas. Spot our furry friend in the pictures – turns out the porch for additional space may double up as a large kennel or mission control. All parties are very happy with our recent work!

New Build Office

Our team recently carried out a new build extension in Ashford, Kent. This was an infill between an electrical business and a garage and is currently used as an office. The infill has a sky light and was a great benefit of the unused space between buildings.

House Extension

M&N Building Services recently completed this extension in Ashford, Kent. We added this new extension to this growing family home including a skylight and an extra floating room on the top floor. We added a new decking and garden area to finish off this modern extension.

Garden House

M&N recently transformed an unused and run down garage into a modern, new garden home in Ashford, Kent. Our customer didn’t use this space previously and needed some extra storage space so our team built a brand new garden home in light grey to suit the customers needs. We are very happy with the results!

Cladded Shed

We recently built a grey cladded shed in Ashford, Kent. To make use of the ununsed space in our customers garden M&N built a cladded shed. Although being used as a shed this can also double up as a dog house, play house or outdoor bar!

House Renovation

A total house renovation in Ashford, Kent completed by our team. In this long project we have altered almost every part of this house. During this project our team have had to right many wrongs from previous cowboy builders. We have added a new roof, cladded all round the house and completed the garden landscaping. We have also transformed all of the interior from a run down older house to a modern, fresh design. We also added a garden house for extra storage in the garden which is now being used as a gym. This house is almost unrecognisable from before and we are very happy with the results.